ImPACT 2020

Technology and Public Health Perspectives on Private Automated Contact Tracing


Ron Rivest, Daniel Weitzner, Louise Ivers, Israel Soibelman, and Marc Zissman invite you to a three-hour mini-conference (the first in a series of mini-conferences to foster a public dialogue on private automated contact tracing technology) to provide technologists, privacy experts, and public health officials with a forum to discuss how contact tracing can be used to slow the spread of COVID-19, and how privacy-preserving automated contact tracing can augment manual contact tracing.

The aims of this conference are to develop an understanding of how automated contact tracing can augment manual contact tracing and to identify key questions to resolve in the course of development, including the complex Bluetooth phenomenologies at play, and how automated contact tracing can best be achieved in a privacy-preserving manner.

To help address these topics, ImPACT will begin with remarks from the Governor of Massachusetts, a state that is already implementing large-scale, manual contact tracing. The conference will feature remarks from leading experts in academia, industry, and government.

ImPACT 2020 Agenda

Please note that this agenda is subject to change.

11:00 – 11:20


  • Daniel Weitzner (MIT)


  • Governor of Massachusetts,¬†Charlie Baker

The Imperative of Privacy-Preserving Automated Contact Tracing

  • Ron Rivest (MIT)
11:20 – 11:40

Public Health Requirements for Contact Tracing

A conversation:

  • Louis Gutierrez (Executive Director, Massachusetts Health Connector)
  • KJ Seung (Chief of Policy and Strategy for Massachusetts COVID19 Response, Partners In Health),
  • Conversation lead: Louise Ivers (Executive Director, MGH Center for Global Health, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School)
11:40 – 11:45Break
11:45 – 12:45

Layer 1: Bluetooth Sensor Engineering


  • Han Yang Tan (Singapore Government Technology Agency)
  • Swarun Kumar (CMU)
  • Joel Linsky (Qualcomm)
  • Douglas Reynolds (MIT)
  • Jennifer Watson (MIT)
  • Thomas Wiegand (Fraunhofer HHI)
  • Moderator: John Wilkinson (MIT)
12:45 – 12:50Break
12:50 – 13:50

Layer 2: Privacy and Cryptographic Protocols


  • Ran Canetti (BU / Private Automated Contact Tracing)
  • Stefano Tessaro (UW / Privacy Sensitive Protocols and Mechanisms for Mobile Contact Tracing)
  • Carmela Troncoso (EPFL / Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing System)
  • Henry de Valence (Zcash Foundation / TCN Coalition)
  • Moderator: Emily Shen (MIT)

Summary and Next Steps

  • Daniel Weitzner (MIT)